NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Transmitter

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  • 【5.0 Bluetooth Adapter】The Bluetooth transmitter receiver uses 5.0 technology to provide more stable, faster transmission, lower power consumption, while demonstrating exceptional audio performance. With audio adapter Bluetooth 5.0, data transmission rate is twice the Bluetooth 4.2, and can keep for up to 20 meters long distance connection (disabled).
  • 【Support NFC】: Thanks for the newest built-in chip, you can directly connect with NFC mobile phone or other Bluetooth devices that support NFC by touching this receiver. Support Dual Audio Ports for Connection: 3.5mm and 2RCA audio ports are included, suitable for more devices (including 3.5mm cables and 2RCA cables).
  • 【Bluetooth transmitters and receivers】This item can work as either a receiver (RX) or a transmitter (TX), per your requirement to add a wireless connection wireless transmission of music.
  • 【Receiver mode】 (RX mode, blue light): From the Bluetooth of your phone or computer (signal source) to non-Bluetooth stereo, speakers or headphones via wireless audio.
  • 【Emitter mode】 (TX mode, red light): The audio from your non-Bluetooth devices such as TV, home stereo or CD player (signal source) transmitted to the Bluetooth headset wirelessly.
  • 1x TEGAL NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Transmitter


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