Hifi Vocal Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

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  • Introducing our incredible Bluetooth MIC, guaranteed to bring non-stop fun for both kids and adults!
With Bluetooth, AUX, and USB ports, this versatile microphone can be used anywhere at any time. Connect it to AUX speakers or your car and PA sound system for an extra volume boost using the included AUX cable. Get ready for a surround sound experience with the remix feature, while the multi-function buttons make it easy to switch between modes, adjust volume, and sing along. Plus, the USB port allows direct access to your MP3 files, ensuring endless entertainment.

  • Designed for youngsters to adults, this microphone offers hours of fun with its dynamic features such as Duet, Lyric Elimination, and Magic Voice.
Take the excitement up a notch by connecting the AUX cable to AUX speakers, amplifying the volume and creating a party atmosphere. And with USB connectivity, you can jam along with your favorite MP3 players, adding a personal touch to your performances.

  • Crafted with the finest integrated circuits available, our sophisticated and portable microphone brings professionalism to any occasion.
Its lightweight and comfortable design, along with its sleek black appearance, make it a joy to hold. Rest assured, this is not just a toy but a durable, high-quality sound system built for everyday use.

  • Experience excellent sound quality with 5-watt output speakers and a long-lasting lithium battery.
Whether you're singing solo or hosting a small group party, this microphone delivers sufficient output for an unforgettable experience. The lithium battery ensures long hours of singing sessions, powering your karaoke party, small meetings, and presentations without interruption. And if you're craving even more volume and excitement, connect to AUX speakers for an amplified experience that will have everyone on their feet.

  • Say goodbye to battery anxiety with up to 6 hours of sound and a quick 1-hour charging time.
This means the fun never has to end! So grab our Bluetooth MIC, bring your energy, and get ready for a karaoke experience like no other. It's time to create lasting memories and sing your heart out with the ultimate companion for musical entertainment.


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